Becoming a Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt

By: Georgi Nedyalkov

Date 31.03.2021

Issue #3

Dear fellow martial artist,

Tonight I will keep things short.

At practise today we did some wrestling drills like shooting for single legs after we pull with a collar tie, a counter to the shot afterwards, and a counter to the counter. Nothing too specific. At the end we did some single leg takedowns in different variation. I forgot to do the high single which I need to practise because John Danaher says its one of the best takedowns for self defence.

The techniques that we drilled are some knee shield techniques with nothing special.

Now let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Sparring time.

We did 7 rounds.

I had 2 hard ones. Against the previously stated toughest opponent. Got submitted from the back again when trying to get up. Escaping was a little better but still required lot of energy, has little technique and poor strategy. Against my coach I was passing well but he passed better with a back step into Cross Ashi. From bottom in DLR guard I have trouble when my opponent pins my leg. I do not know what to do from there and it is something that I need to research.

I had trouble taking the back of some opponents which were of weaker level which was disappointing. I think that I do not control well with my knees and control the seatbelt with my elbows better.

Tights passing was decent against a stronger opponent.

I fixed some mistakes from yesterday as I got into Cross Ashi from Irimi Ashi Garami when opponent stacks us. I also started to feel my opponents reactions and let them waste energy. If I can master that with a superior technique I will definitely have a great advantage because it is something my opponents do not think about much.

From top against the Beast (this is how we will refer to the thoughest training partner in our gym) I got a body lock but what I noticed is that I do not used my weight properly. I do not attack as soons as I got the grip and he easily counters. He did a nice trip that resembles a move that Garry Tonon does from a Russian arm grip.

My grip fighting, sumi gaeshi and bottom game is not good. I should drill some of these moves to get them closer to unconscious competence (I will explain this concept this weekend).

From supine guard I did not do a single move I trained and from seated guard I get crushed with body locks.

So I need to study:

  • Seated Guard against a kneeling opponent. The strategy and proper grip fighting.
  • Back control, getting to the back and proper grip fighting.
  • De La Riva attacks from bottom specially when our opponent pins or our free leg.

This is good enough for now.

I hope you find these notes useful. I know some of the terminology will not be familiar to you but I will take the time to explain another time.

Good evening.

See you on the mats.


Never mind me. Just writing down some ideas.